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LHC rejects Sheikh Rashid’s plea against complete ‘sealing’ of his Lal Haveli residence

FIA, police have sealed AML chief’s Lal Haveli residence over 'illegal occupancy'
Updated 30 Jan, 2023 08:45pm

Sheikh Rasheed approaches Lahore High Court the process of sealing Lal Haveli - Aaj News

The Lahore high court (LHC) Rawalpindi bench dismissed Awami Muslim League (AML) chief Sheikh Rashid Ahmad’s plea to deseal his Lal Haveli residence after the authorities “completely sealed” six units of his Lal Haveli residence in Rawalpindi in the wee hours of Monday over “illegally occupancy”.

Earlier Rashid moved LHC Rawalpindi Bench against the complete “sealing” of his Lal Haveli residence.

The court while hearing the plea directed the Evacuee Trust Property Board (ETPB) to sough out this matter in 15 days.

The ETPB Administrator told the court that Lal Haveli was not sealed, but the property connected to it, was sealed.

Following ETPB’s move, the former interior minister said in a tweet that he did not receive any notice from the board prior to the action.

“After the Rangers and Frontier Corps refused, they sealed the Lal Haveli with the help of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) and the police,” he tweeted.

Rashid claimed that Lal Haveli was his “personal property”.

“Sealing Lal Haveli is an act of fascism and terrorism,” he said. “If it is not our personal property, we would be national criminals.”

A heavy contingent of police sealed six units of the famous Lal Haveli in Rawalpindi. The FIA team was also present on the spot.

Moreover, he has filed an application in the Lahore High Court (LHC) against ETPB’s action.

“The board’s action is illegal, vindictive and political. Lal Haveli’s sealed units should be de-sealed,” the application read.

The deputy administrator had issued eviction notices to Rashid and his brother Sheikh Siddique from seven land units of the board, including Lal Haveli.

The notice said that the encroached land units should be vacated in seven days or else you will be evicted by the police.

Talking to Aaj News on the matter, the AML chief claimed that they (the government) wanted to create a ruckus in the vicinity of Lal Haveli.

“They [the government] want to take advantage of it, at 3:45 am they sealed the units,” he said. “If we do not own this property, then go to the Election Commission and disqualify us for life.”

“Apart from us, 19 other people also live in the Lal Haveli,” said Rashid adding that, “he thought that they would arrest him so he came to Islamabad”.

“We won’t fight with the authority, but will exercise our constitutional right,” he added.

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