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PTI gets more Karachi constituencies in fresh tally

ECP release new party position with PPP still at the top
Published 24 Jan, 2023 07:42pm

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) released on Tuesday fresh aggregate results for the Karachi local bodies elections held on Sunday January 15. The results for 229 Union Committees (UCs) out of 235 that went to polls show that the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has secured two more constituencies during the recount.

The ECP had originally announced an aggregate result on January 16 indicating that Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) had won 93 seats, Jamaat Islami (JI) 86 and PTI 40. The number changed the very next day with PPP losing two seats to JI during the recount.

The ECP never issued a complete result for individual UCs as all three major parties filed applications for vote recount.

The latest aggregate result issued on Tuesday shows that PTI has secured two more seats during the recount and its total has increased to 42.

PPP is still at 91 after losing two seats to JI in the first week of recount.

The JI, however, has lost three seats and its final number of UCs stands at 85, down from 88.

The ECP decision to withhold the results for 6 UCs means finally tally can still change.

The number of PMLN seats remains unchanged at 7. JUI, which in earlier count had won 3 seats, is at 2 now. TLP had won two seats but latest tally show it got only one, while out of three independent candidates only one has also been declared winner in latest count.

The Karachi city council is a house with 367 member, out of which 246 are elected by direct vote.

However, only 235 direct constituencies went to polls on January 15 and polling on 11 others was postponed due to death of candidates in those UCs.

The ECP sources told Aaj News this week that election for the mayor will be held only after polls are held on the remaining 11 seats.

After completing the election on all 246 direct seats, the ECP will proportionally distribute 121 reserved seats among political parties based on their number of directly elected seats.

The entire process could take up to two months, sources said.

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