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Imran Khan calls for nationwide protests against ECP from tomorrow

PTI chief says Mohsin Naqvi was part of regime change conspiracy
Published 23 Jan, 2023 08:19pm
<p>Imran Khan spoke to supporter in a video address. Screengrab</p>

Imran Khan spoke to supporter in a video address. Screengrab

PTI Chief Imran Khan has called for nationwide protests against the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) from Tuesday over the electoral body’s decision to appoint Mohsin Naqvi as the caretaker chief minister of Punjab.

In a video address Monday evening, Imran Khan said Naqvi was a far worse enemy of PTI than the PMLN itself.

“Naqvi was a key player in the regime change [conspiracy] and he launched the most proactive efforts to remove our government,” said Imran Khan.

The PTI chief also said that PPP’s Asif Ali Zardari used to describe Naqvi as his boy.

Without naming any entity, Imran Khan said that the people behind Naqvi were the same who had cut him off from power corridors.

He voiced his concern about possible poll rigging under the interim setup. These people will delay the elections, and if the election were around they would place their own umpires, he said.

Imran Khan said countries pay a heavy price when politicians are cancelled by powers that be.

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