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Wednesday, February 28, 2024  
17 Shaban 1445  

Amnesty Int’l urges govt to restore internet services, lift ban on gatherings in Gwadar

Says the imposition of Section 144 in the name of public security should not become a pretext for more human rights violations

Amnesty International South Asia on Tuesday called upon authorities in Balochistan to immediately restore internet services and lift the ban on public gatherings, which came after an emergency law was reportedly imposed as protests arose over illegal fishing in the region.

“Such disruptions are neither necessary nor proportionate and inhibits the ability of the people of Gwadar to communicate, access information, seek safety and work,” the human rights body said in a series of tweets.

The global human rights body said it was concerned that both the internet ban and emergency law would serve as a springboard for further crackdown on people’s “fundamental freedoms, including freedom of expression, peaceful assembly, right to personal security and freedom from arbitrary detention”.

The statement comes after Balochistan government in reaction to the martyrdom of a policeman during violent protests last week imposed Section 144 in Gwadar for one month.

The tense situation across the coastal district of Gwadar and the clashes between police and protesters have resulted in dozens of arrests and at least one death.

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