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Politics today: Long march nears Islamabad, minister gives key date

Imran Khan is expected to make an important speech in today's march

The date for the new army chief’s appointment is approaching, so political activity is heating up. Here are all of today’s main political developments, we will update the story as the day goes along.

Long march to reach Islamabad today

PTI’s long march is set to reach Islamabad today. The march has been on the road in two separate processions since its resumption on November 10. One procession under Shah Mahmood Qurshi reached Gujar Khan, while the other under Asad Umar reached Chakwal on Friday.

Both processions will combine on Saturday and reach Rawat, on the outskirts of Islamabad. It remains to be seen whether the march will first go through Rawalpindi or straight into Islamabad.

Imran Khan’s address to the march is said to be an important one, with party sources saying a major announement is expected. Party leader Asad Umar had already said that Imran Khan will give the date of marchi’s progress into Rawalpindi on Saturday.

Date for army chief appointment

Defence minister Khawaja Asif announced that the new army chief’s name will be announced on Wednesday (November 23) after consultations between the army and the prime minsiter. He made the statment on a late night talk show on Geo News on Friday.

The minister also said that the changes being proposed in the army act are not related to the appointment, and that there had never been any tension over the chief’s appointment between the government and GHQ. Any controversy about the appointment, the minister said, was created by Imran Khan only.

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