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Friday, April 12, 2024  
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Pakistan may be one of the most dangerous nations in world: Biden

US president says there are enormous opportunities for US to change ‘dynamic in second quarter of 21st century’
US President Joe Biden delivers remarks on lowering costs for American families at Irvine Valley College in Orange County on October 14, 2022 in Irvine, California. AFP
US President Joe Biden delivers remarks on lowering costs for American families at Irvine Valley College in Orange County on October 14, 2022 in Irvine, California. AFP

US President Joe Biden has said that nuclear-armed Pakistan might be “one of the most dangerous nations in the world” while commenting on the country’s nuclear programme and the state of political dynamics in the region.

“And what I think is maybe one of the most dangerous nations in the world: Pakistan,” he was quoted as saying in a transcript of his address at a Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Reception on Friday. “Nuclear weapons without any cohesion.”

Biden was speaking about the “role” of China in the region where Russia, India and Pakistan are its neighbours.

“I’ve spent more time with Xi Jinping than any person in — any head of state in Amer- — in the world. I spent over — they keep count of it — 78 hours’ worth,” the US president said while sharing his experience as the vice president under the Barack Obama administration.

“Of that, 68 were in person, over the last 10 years, because Barack knew that he couldn’t be dealing with a Vice President. And so, he assigned me. I’ve traveled 17,000 miles with him.”

He described his Chinese counterpart as some who has an “enormous, enormous array of problems”. Biden questioned the ways to handle the actions of leaders of such countries.

He said: “So, folks, there’s a lot going on. A lot going on. But there’s also enormous opportunities for the United States to change the dynamic in the second quarter of the 21st century.”

Moreover, the US did not mention Pakistan in its National Security Strategy 2022, which identified China as “America’s most consequential geopolitical challenge”.

Sources told Aaj News that the Foreign Office would soon issue a statement on the US president’s comment.

Biden’s statement irks politicians

Former human rights minister Shireen Mazari condemned the US president’s comments in a series of tweets. “Have some shame Biden,” she said.

“Irresponsible superpower with nukes! and your proclivity to interfere globally with regime change agendas alongside militarising the oceans. Custodial torture in Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib, Bagram. Even your own people are not safe with gunmen going on killing sprees.”

She further demanded of US President Biden to apologise to Pakistan for such remarks.

“Just because your regime change conspiracy is faltering! A nuclear US is a threat for world because you have no control over your nukes. B52 bomber takes off with 6 live nukes 2007 & no one knows for hrs!,” she said.

The PTI leader claimed that the US president’s comment was not unexpected, alleging that the super power had been doing such things regularly. She lamented the apparent silence from the government, which the claim was imported and brought by a foreign conspiracy.

“Altho given US regime change conspiracy this shameful silence may also not be surprising!”

Michael Kugelman, the South Asia institute director at the Wilson Center, described the comment as “strange” and not the type of thing senior US officials “typically say publicly as much as they used to”.

PTI leader Asad Umar like his other party leader also questioned Biden’s statement.

“Is Biden referring to the US? After all his party is going after Donald Trump for trying to subvert the constitution and steal the last presidential election! Countries in glass houses should think before throwing stones at others,” he said in a tweet.

PTI Chairman Imran Khan, who claims his government was ousted through a US conspiracy, raised two questions in front of Biden.

“I have 2 Qs on this: 1. On what info has US President Joe Biden reached this unwarranted conclusion on our nuclear capability when, having been PM, I know we have one of the most secure nuclear command & control systems? 2. Unlike the US which has been involved in wars across the world, when has Pakistan shown aggression esp post-nuclearisation?”

He claimed that the US president’s statement showed a “total failure” of the incumbent government’s foreign policy and its claims of reset relations with the US.

“This govt has broken all records for incompetence,” he said, “my greatest worry is that apart from leading us to economic ruin &, with NRO2 for themselves, giving a license to white collar criminals to plunder the country, this govt will also end up completely compromising our national security.”

‘Nothing new’

Former ambassador Ali Sarwar Naqvi was of the view that the US has objected to Pakistan’s nuclear programme for a long time.

“Despite their objections, we made our programme, went ahead with it, and acquired nuclear weapons, all this happened because of our own efforts.”

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