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Murder victim Sarah Inam’s last Instagram post goes viral

Journalist Meher Bokhari, who went to university with the victim, shared her last Instagram post on Twitter
Published 27 Sep, 2022 08:31pm
<p>Sara Inam. Image via Twitter/meherbokhari</p>

Sara Inam. Image via Twitter/meherbokhari

Sarah Inam, the daughter-in-law of analyst Ayaz Amir and wife of Shahnawaz Amir, was found murdered at a farmhouse in Islamabad last week. She was murdered, reportedly, with a dumbbell and her husband is the prime suspect in the case.

After a fight on the night of September 23, Shahnawaz Amir allegedly murdered his wife in a farmhouse with a dumbbell in Islamabad’s Chak Shahzad suburb.

The next day, the suspect was arrested at the crime scene and booked under Section 302 (punishment for murder) of the Pakistan Penal Code (PPC) on the complaint of SHO Nawazish Ali Khan at the Shahzad Town Police Station.

Journalist Meher Bokhari revealed that she attended college with Sarah Inam in Canada. She shared that Sara was a kind, soft-spoken and brilliant woman.

“This was her first marriage. She had worked at the best places, travelled the world & now wanted to settle down, build a strong healthy home,” she said.

Meher Bokhari shared Sarah’s last Instagram post with her username hidden. While commenting on the lengthy post she said, “Seems like she felt she could heal him (Shahnawaz).”

In the post shared on the 12th of September, Sarah, who was very fond of reading, is holding a book in her hands. She quoted Persian poet Shams Tabrizi in the caption, “Treasures are hidden in ruins, broken hearts hide treasures.”

In her post, the reputed journalist also claimed that the prime suspect had tampered with evidence “by breaking his & Sarah Inam’s phone, destroyed her Canadian passport by cutting it into pieces with scissors”.

She claimed that Shahnawaz Amir, the prime suspect, cleaned the blood in the room with a cloth and tried to wash off the blood by putting the body in the bathtub.

“He had locked himself up in his room. When they broke inside, there were stains of blood stains on Shahnawaz’s hands and clothes,” the police stated in the FIR.

“He then confessed that he had repeatedly hit his wife with a dumbbell during an argument and then hid her body in the washroom’s bathtub.”

According to the FIR, Shahnawaz also said he had “hidden” the murder weapon under his bed.

According to police sources, the father of the victim Engineer Inam-ur-Rehman and his wife reached Islamabad to claim the body of their daughter and perform her last rites. Sara’s funeral prayers will be performed on September 28th after Zuhr in Shehzad Town, Islamabad.

37-year-old Sarah, a Canadian citizen, had arrived in Pakistan from Dubai, where she was employed, three days before the murder. Shahnawaz and Sara got married a few months ago. They had gotten to know each other through social media.

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