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Monday, April 15, 2024  
06 Shawwal 1445  

Floods uncover ancient art of Jhukar Jo Darho near Larkana

Small clay pots and their broken pieces archeological finds

The archaeological site of Jhukar Jo Daro – one of Larkana’s most significant ancient sites – is in danger of destruction due to the floods.

Small clay pots and broken pieces have been unearthed from Jhokar, located 10 kilometers away from Sindh’s Larkana.

Naveed Ali of the Department of Archeology at Moen Jo Daro said that the fragments appeared to be quite ancient.

The pots have carvings on them but a forensic analysis would be needed to date them.

Jhukar Jo Daro is located near village Mitho Dero on the Indus Highway, about 10 kilometers away from Larkana and approximately 25 kilometers from the World Heritage monuments of Moen jo Daro.

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Jhukar Jo Daro

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