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Performers giving ‘Islamic touch’ now need ‘legal touch’: Rana Sanaullah

Says Imran Khan is trying to divert attention from his theft
Published 07 Aug, 2022 06:51pm
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Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah said that the performers giving “Islamic touch” now need “legal touch” as foreign funding criminals had been running away from “legal touch” for 8 years.

“Imran Niazi tried his best for 8 years so that the foreign funding case was not decided, but Allah proved Akbar S. Babar to be true, the real identity of fake Sadiq and Amin came before the nation,” the interior minister said while responding to the former interior minister Sheikh Rasheed’s statement.

The “international thieves” were caught taking illegal dollars from foreigners, he said adding that the foreign funding case revealed that Imran Niazi was a dirty character.

Sanaullah termed PTI public gathering a ’political stunt“, saying that Imran Khan was trying to divert attention from his theft.

Sanaullah claimed that Imran Khan would suffer defeat during the by-elections in all the nine National Assembly constituencies that fell vacant after the NA speaker accepted the resignations of the concerned PTI MNAs.

The interior minister condemned the social media campaign against the Pakistan army, saying that those who ran hate campaigns against the martyrs were dirty and vile characters.

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