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TikTok removes 12.5 million Pakistani videos for violating community guidelines

US violated most community guidelines followed closely by Pakistan
Published 20 Jul, 2022 04:03pm
<p>Photo: AFP</p>

Photo: AFP

TikTok, a popular short video streaming platform has removed 12.5 million videos from Pakistan for violating its community guidelines. Pakistan now ranks second for the most TikTok videos removed, with US being the first.

TikTok released its latest Community Guidelines Enforcement Report on Tuesday, which showed that approximately 1% of the total uploaded content was in violation of the TikTok community guidelines. On top of the list of countries with the most videos in violation was the United States with 14,044,224 videos removed, with Pakistan following right after with 102,305,516 videos removed.

According to this report, Pakistan’s removal rate was 96.5% before it received any views and 97.3% before 24 hours.

TikTok said the videos were removed because they violated its set of community guidelines that are “designed to foster an experience that prioritises safety, inclusion, and authenticity”.

TikTok also removed six networks and 204 accounts for trying to influence public opinions. The platform has clearly grown bigger than just sharing funny and entertaining videos and is now also an outlet where political opinions are voiced and shared.

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