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PTI decimates PML-N in Punjab by-elections

Maryam Nawaz concedes defeat
Updated 17 Jul, 2022 10:18pm

Maryam Nawaz nay PMLN ki shikast tasleem karli | Aaj News

<p>A voter arrives at a polling station during by-election in 20 constituencies of Punjab. Photo via Twitter/<a rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank" class="link--external" href="https://twitter.com/ECP_Pakistan">@ECP_Pakistan</a></p>

A voter arrives at a polling station during by-election in 20 constituencies of Punjab. Photo via Twitter/@ECP_Pakistan

Punjab By-Elections 2022 | exclusive updates from Rawalpindi, Multan, and Lahore | Aaj News

Imran Khan’s PTI has decimated the PML-N on what was long considered its home turf: Punjab. The party has taken five and leads in ten seats out of 20 in the by-elections held Sunday.

Maryam Nawaz conceded defeat.

“It was a neck-in-neck contest,” said Aaj News senior journalist Asma Shirazi. “The ten independents, there were ten constituencies which always belonged to them. But the PTI got a surprise victory there. Imran Khan’s bayania should be seen as a popular one.”

The PTI has PP 83, 140, 202, 217 and 288 winning in Bahawalnagar and Lahore.

These are the unofficial results rolling in:

PP 07 (Rawalpindi) PTI’s Shabbir Awan with 556 votes PML-N’s Raja Saghir with 476 votes

PP 83 (Khushab) Independent Malik Asif is ahead with 6,047 votes PTI’s Hasan Aslam with 5578 votes PML-N’s Ameer Hydersingha with 4,199 votes

PP 90 (Bhakkar) PTI’s Irfanullah with 10,102 PML-N’s Saeed Akbar with 7,918

PP 97 (Faisalabad) PML-N’s Ajmal Cheema ahead with 11859 votes PTI’s Ali Afzal Sahi polled 11413 votes

PP 125 (Jhang) PTI’s Azam Chela ahead with 21,822 votes PML-’s Faisal Hayat second with 13,474 votes

PP-127 (Jhang) PTI’s Nawaz Bharwana with 9345 votes PML-N’s Aslam Bharwana with 6203 votes

PP 140 (Sheikhupura) PTI’s Khurram Shahzad Wark with 49,734 votes PML-N candidate Mian Khalid Mehmood with 32,812 votes

PP 158 (Lahore)

PP 167 (Lahore) PTI’s Shabir Gujjar ahead with 12,287 votes PML-N’s Nazeer Ahmed Chauhan 7,528 votes

PP 168 (Lahore) PML-N’s Malik Asad Ali with 25,685 votes PTI’s Nawaz Awan second with 15,081 votes

PP 170 (Lahore) PTI’s Malik Zaheer Abbas Khokhar is leading with 10530 votes PML-N’s Mohammad Amin has secured 5377 votes

PP 202 (Sahiwal) PML-N’s Noman Ahmad Langria with 7,891 votes PTI’s Ghulam Sarwar with 6,388 votes

PP 217 (Multan) PTI’s Zain Qureshi is ahead with 10761 votes PML-N’s Salman Naeem is behind with 8832 votes.

PP 224 (Lodhran) PTI candidate Aamir Iqbal Shah is first with 16082 votes PML-N’s Zwar Hussain Warraich is second with 14717 votes

PP 228 (Lodhran)

PP 237 (Bahawalnagar) PML-N’s Fida Hussain ahead with 61,247 votes PTI’s Syed Aftab Raza with 25,227 votes TLP’s Mian Rashid Mehmood with 6,440 votes

PP 272 (Muzaffargarh)

PP 273 (Muzaffargarh)

PP 282 (Layyah) PTI Qaiser Abbas Magsi with 2078 votes PML-N’s Tahir Randhawa second with 1936 votes

PP 288 (DG Khan) PTI’s Sardar Saifuddin Khosa with 59,450 votes PML-N’s Sardar Abdul Qadir Khosa got 33,501 votes

This list is being updated. These are unofficial results

“Chief Election Commissioner Sikander Sultan Raja urged all voters to exercise their right to vote,” the ECP said in a statement. “This will not just strengthen the democracy. But, Pakistan will further have stability.”

The process, which started at 8am, will continue till 5pm without any breaks.

These by-elections are being held after the country’s top electoral authority on May 20 de-seated 25 dissident MPAs of the PTI (the former ruling party) who voted for the PML-N’s Hamza in the election for Punjab chief minister, stating that they had defected.

How big is this by-election numerically?

  • Contesting candidates are 175
  • Total number of voters is 4,579,898
  • As many as 3,131 polling stations set up
  • 696 polling stations have been declared most sensitive
  • All polling stations set up in Lahore have been declared sensitive
  • 52 security personnel deployed

The ECP has established a central control in Islamabad that was being monitored by CEC Raja. The provincial control in Lahore was being monitored by ECP Secretary Omar Hamid Khan.

A snapshot of some of the hottest constituencies where a tough fight is expected:

Constituency Candidate Party
PP 158 Mian Akram Usman PTI
Rana Ahsan Sharafat PML-N
Mohd Bilal TLP
PP 167 Sher Ahmad Gujjar PTI
Nazeer Chohan PML-N
Hussain Ahmad Shahzad TLP
PP 168 Malik Nawaz Aiwan PTI
Malir Asad Khokhar PML-N
Amjad Hussain Abbasi TLP
PP 170 Sher Ahmad Gujjar PTI
Zulfiqar Chaudhry PML-N
Jameel Ahmad TLP

Aaj News reporter explains the voting process at polling station 22 of Lahore’s PP-158

The 20 constituencies where the by-elections are being held to decide MPAs:

  • PP-7 Rawalpindi-II
  • PP-83 Khushab-II
  • PP-90 Bhakkar-II
  • PP-97 Faisalabad-I
  • PP-125 Jhang-II
  • PP-127 Jhang-IV
  • PP-140 Sheikhupura-VI
  • PP-158 Lahore-XV
  • PP-167 Lahore-XXIV
  • PP-168 Lahore-XXV
  • PP 170 Lahore-XXVII
  • PP-202 Sahiwal-VII
  • PP-217 Multan-VII
  • PP-224 Lodhran-I
  • PP-228 Lodhran-V
  • PP-237 Bahawalnagar-I
  • PP-272 Muzaffargarh-V
  • PP-273 Muzaffargarh-VI
  • PP-282 Layyah-III
  • PP-288 Dera Ghazi Khan-IV

‘Your vote is your power’

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif urged the people to cast their vote for the betterment of provincial development. He criticised PTI chief Imran Khan’s style of politics and the previous provincial government.

“Cast your vote for national development and a bright future for your children. I have full faith in your power of choice,” he said in a series of tweets.

“While casting your vote in the by-elections of Punjab, you will surely think about the corruption, incompetence, economic destruction, facilitation and patronage of the mafia and the destruction created in the name of change during the 4 years of the dark era of Imran Niazi government. Pakistan has moved away from its destination under PTI, you have to express it with your vote,” PM Shehbaz said.

Clashes reported in Lahore’s PP-158

At least one political worker got injured in clashes between the PTI and the PML-N in Lahore’s PP-158 constituency. PML-N’s Rana Hassan Sharafat alleged that the former ruling party has turned to such violent tactics in fear of losing the election.

Police arrested two people after clashes were reported in two polling stations in Chak Jhumra. There were also reports that “some people” torn apart the ballot papers.

No retaliatory action must be taken against any civilian: CEC

CEC Raja has directed the Punjab chief secretary and provincial inspector general to not take any retaliatory action against any civilian or general people or else the commission would take strict action.

The directives came against the backdrop of PTI leader Shahbaz Gill’s claims that polling agents in Muzaffargarh kicked out their candidate Moazzam Jatoi from polling stations 44 and 46. He alleged that rigging was started in the by-election.

“All possible steps are being taken to ensure a free and fair election in Punjab,” the CEC said in a statement.

But, Gill rejected the ECP version. “The election commission is lying. At polling station no 46 of PP-271, our polling agent Sharaf Dogar has been there since 7am and was not allowed to enter,” he said, adding that such a step was taken to rig the election.

Tarar slams PTI, says its victory day for PML-N

Punjab Home Minister Attaullah Tarar claimed that Sunday (today) would be the victory day for the PML-N and warned the PTI against reaction if did not control its workers.

“Our workers are completely peaceful,” he said while addressing a press conference on the by-election being conducted on 20 constituencies of Punjab.

He expressed hope that PML-N’s Sharaqpuri would return to the party after reports were rife that the latter had left the party.

Tarar expressed his concern over the PTI’s decision to field Chaudhry Parvez Elahi for the chief minister slot. “Who used to say that Parvez Elahi is the biggest thief,” he said, adding that former CM Usman Buzdar was absent in this election.

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