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‘I love Karachi’ but do you really, asks Twitter user

Sign ruined by rain
The I love Karachi sign on July 2. PHOTO: Murtaza Wahab Twitter
The I love Karachi sign on July 2. PHOTO: Murtaza Wahab Twitter

Karachi drowned in monsoon rain once again. The south of Karachi received over 127 millimetres of rain overnight, flooding most of Defense Phase IV, and many main streets of the Defense Housing Scheme (DHA). Clifton also flooded, albeit it was drained faster than DHA, with some places still inundated even after a day of no rain.

People are undoubtedly disgruntled and many chose to point out the obvious steps that the administration could have taken to prevent the flooding as well as the resulting damage.

One Twitter user who goes by the name of Elizabeth! It’s time. shared Senator Murtaza Wahab’s tweet from July 2, when he inaugurated an I love Karachi sign in Clifton near Ocean Mall. The sign was dedicated to late journalist Talat Aslam, fondly known as Tito.

Murtaza Wahab inaugurating the sign

Aslam has been posthumously getting a lot of flak for his political leanings with many alleging that he showed a lot of support for the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), with even Wahab being the information secretary for PPP.

The Twitter user called the sign “ugly” and “unnecessary” while adding that the money spent on the structure could have been better utilised if it was spent on roads, pavements and lights.

She was especially irked as the sign was damaged by the rain in Karachi and fell off entirely along with some section of the wall it was built on.

The broken sign

What do you think of the sign and how the funds should have been utilised? Tell us in the comments below.

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