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Monday, December 04, 2023  
19 Jumada Al-Awwal 1445  

Sarwat Gilani talks nose job, Joyland and value of good work

The actress was in Urdu Bazaar when she learnt of participation in the Cannes Festival
Sarwat Gilani. PHOTO: News HD
Sarwat Gilani. PHOTO: News HD

In a recent interview, actress Sarwat Gilani, one of Pakistan’s most well-known celebrities, spoke candidly about her career and personal life. Through her undeniable talent and a good eye for strong scripts, the Churails actress cemented her spot in the Pakistani cinema industry. She began her career in dramas and has since given us success not only on television but also online and in movies.

Not just in Pakistan, but all throughout the world, Gilani’s most recent work has created waves. Her most recent role has been in Joyland, an independent film produced by Saim Sadiq that was also featured at the Cannes film festival 2022. The movie won the Jury Prize and received a seven-minute standing ovation.

Talking a little more about Joyland, Sarwat mentioned that filming was completed in October 2021 and that the post-production process was anticipated to take some time. However, on director Saim Sadiq’s birthday, the cast and crew received a surprise and were informed that they would be attending and participating in the Cannes Film Festival. When Sarwat first heard the news, she was standing in Urdu Bazaar and was overcome with joy.

She was also seen in the hit web series Churails a few years ago.

In an interview with a digital media site, Sarwat discussed how she deliberately decided not to participate in the conventional Pakistani soap operas since they frequently contradict her beliefs. She claimed that now that she has had more opportunities to speak out, it would be hypocritical of her to return to the screens and take on the role of someone she considers to be restrictive and typical. She expressed disappointment that the local television series did not properly highlight these important issues.

“With time I got into speaking up on women’s rights, against child abuse, against so many serious real-life topics that I felt that if I’m talking about it if I’m believing that that’s a certain thing that should be practised in our society I cannot go back to being the mazloom sisakti hui aurat [damsel in distress] because I just don’t believe in that.”

Sarwat continued by stating that Pakistani women are incredible and many examples deserve recognition. “We need to tell those stories, those success stories, and not have a premise of an entire season or serial of 26 episodes. Whether the girl is good enough to be married to this guy and whether she’s good enough to be accepted by the in-laws — life is way beyond all of those things, for women [especially]. And [they] are breaking boundaries to get out of that stereotype,” she said.

“I did television for 20 years and I did play the mazloom sisakti hui aurat but I felt like enough of that. I did Khasara (2018), that was my last television [role] and in [it] I played a really strong woman. That is the kind of substance I want to portray, that women are strong [and that they] are great examples of leaders.”

In addition, Sarwat set an example for Pakistani women when she openly discussed her nose surgery and decided to be transparent about it. She explained to the online news source that she had fallen in the bathroom and had injured her nose. When she was transported to the hospital, the staff informed her that she would require reconstructive surgery.

Sarwat’s grace, beauty, and brilliance have always been something we’ve admired. Pakistanis adore her because of interviews like this in which she makes a conscious decision to be frank and transparent about her experiences and the reasons behind her choices. As a celebrity with the potential to have a big impact on today’s youth, she is a terrific role model for others to follow for her openness about everything, whether it be personal or professional.

Watch Sarwat Gilani’s interview below:

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