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Four of the freshest Pakistani artists who are the future of our music industry

Gen-Z or not, this music needs to be on your playlist
Published 20 Jun, 2022 03:30pm
<p>Composite image, Hasan Raheem, Abdul Hanan, Taha G and Mannu</p>

Composite image, Hasan Raheem, Abdul Hanan, Taha G and Mannu

If there is one thing that has pleasantly surprised us, it has to be the Pakistani music industry. Everyone who is somebody has a Spotify playlist dedicated to local artists and their most recent releases. We’ve had some of the biggest hits in our industry in a long time, and it’s all happened in the last year.

Here are some artists to help you construct your very own playlist, ranging from up-and-coming artists like Abdul Hannan to well-known artists like Hasan Raheem.

Taha G Was this even a question to begin with? We’re confident you figured it out the moment you saw the title. Mr. G was, of course, going to be on our list today. His music is renowned in the industry. Artists that have achieved tremendous success have all done so with the assistance of one of our own. His music is eclectic, with beats for days. Also, before we forget to mention, a Taha G concert can definitely be compared to those that happen abroad. The hype, the vibe it’s all the same. Here are some of his songs to get you ready for the next one

1- Mann Mein Tu

2- Dil Kay Isharay

3- Tu

Hasan Raheem

Pakistan’s ‘Sweetu’ and new favourite heartthrob has done nothing but give us hits after hits. We can definitely say that Hasan Raheem understood the assignment when he chose to enter the industry. His current collaboration with Natasha Noorani and Talal Qureshi has set the tone for the summer, and his past singles are also among our faves; his mellow, laid-back R&B music has influenced many up-and-coming artists in the business. Here are some Hasan Raheem songs you can’t possibly miss

1- Joona

2- Sweetu

3- Paisa

Abdul Hannan

Have you heard Bikhra, the viral TikTok song? The song that has taken Pakistan by storm and refuses to leave our thoughts. It has remained at the top of all Pakistani Spotify playlists, and the remainder of his music has also stayed in the top ten. This up-and-coming singer is well-known among your friends, and his songs have already done the rounds.

Here are some of Abdul Hannan’s songs if you’ve been out of the loop lately

1- Bikhra

2- Iraaday

3- Haraay


As someone once put it, “Maanu, the new kid on the block” is now a well-known Pakistani artist who has made his way into the music industry. People are addicted to his enticing tunes and lyrics. He’s incredibly relatable, and he’s worked with musicians like Hasan Raheem on some great projects. His new album “Sakun Matata” has some great songs that really help bring in that summer feeling.

Here are some of his most popular songs that you have probably heard

1- Melancholic

2- Kidhar

3- Risky

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