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Summer drinks to deal with wet-bulb temperatures

Fruit juices and barley-based drinks are your best friends during the heat
Published 08 Jun, 2022 04:33pm

Best summer drink to make at home with surprise ingredients | Aaj Pakistan with Sidra Iqbal

With rising temperatures and increased humidity, the real feel of temperature is a few degrees hotter than what mercury reads. This phenomenon is also called wet bulb temperatures, said Sidra Iqbal on her morning show Aaj Pakistan.

Wet-bulb temperatures are a lot more dangerous since they can cause the body to overheat despite maintaining hydration. If the sweat does not dry off of you, the body is unable to cool itself. In order to really beat the heat, Dr Ayesha Abbas and Tibe Nabvi expert Agha Abbas offered insights into natural ways of staying cool.

Making barley into a drink (sattu) is the best possible solution, as it is suitable for everyone, including those who may have diabetes. The drink has cooling properties and aids with heat-related ailments such as indigestion, diarrhoea, heat stroke and even acne.

“It is also advisable to cut a watermelon and eat it during a meal. Take a few bites of food and then a piece of watermelon. This will ensure you do not feel the heat,” said Agha.

“Heat often causes irritable bowel syndrome for which adding yoghurt-based probiotics to your diet is very helpful,” Dr Ayesha said.

Caffeinated and sugary drinks, including tea, coffee and soft drinks, can speed up dehydration.

They also contribute to ageing and should never be used as an aid to the heat.

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