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What does Islam say about family planning, contraceptives, abortion?

Dr Khalid Zaheer answers audience questions on Aaj Islam
Published 04 Jun, 2022 08:00am

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Does Islam allow the use of contraceptives, one viewer has asked Aaj Islam, a programme that seeks to answer people’s questions about religion.

Population planning is important, even though it is God’s decision to bless someone with a child. “[Parents] should trust God but they must plan,” said Islamic scholar Dr. Khalid Zaheer.

A child does not decide to be born; its parents decide to have a child, therefore, it is their responsibility to plan before starting a family, he argued. They have an additional responsibility of a new human being.

The Holy Quran says that people should not kill their offspring out of worry Allah provides for everyone.

People constantly worry that they will be unable to provide provide for their children. Nurturing a child is not easy as they require not only food, but quality education, time and effort.

God has taken responsibility to provide for every human being, he said.

In countries like Pakistan, people do not consider family planning important. However, it should be emphasized.

Dr. Zaheer said that people argue that the religion tells them that they must not worry about provision because God has promised it, and they refer to the Hadith, that the Holy Prophet (PBUH) had said to have many children so that there would be many from his Ummah on the Day of Judgement.

He said parents should focus on quality rather than quantity. These children are the future and it takes a lot of not just resources, but time and effort to raise a child.

Religion tells us that family is the basic unit of a society. It brings tranquility. However, large unplanned families may bring more stress than peace. It is possible by God’s will only that children from such families become better and responsible adults but it is very difficult for the parents to raise them.

Is use of contraceptives allowed in Islam?

Family planning through use of birth control pills and contraceptives is allowed in Islam. The partners in the institution of marriage have a right to decide if they are ready to bring a child to the world or not, yet it is God who decides who will come to this world, said Dr Zaheer.

The sale of contraceptives to people who are legally wedded is alright. It is the state’s responsibility to control such activities. Family planning should be encouraged however, contraceptives being marketed openly has led to misuse.

“Women are like fertile land, the land has to be left for some time” he said. “It must not be overburdened. The couple has to take care of the child together.”

If the child is disabled or differently abled, does religion allow abortion?

During the first four months of pregnancy, it is still considered a fetus. However, after that duration it is considered to be a proper human being, and killing it would be considered a sin.

If you do not want a child you can use contraceptives but killing it after it is in the process of coming into the world is wrong.

Islam encourages family planning focusing on the aspect of raising a better human. In terms of economic resources, Islam says that every human comes into the world with provisions already written for them.

If having a child becomes a threat to the mother’s life, it is important to save the mother first.

Society has an obsession with having a male child. Daughters are considered a blessing in Islam. Parents should trust God, perhaps the girl child is better for them than a son.

Islam does not burden anyone, it encourages family planning without contradicting its inherent principles.

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