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Pakistani student creates AI wearable to guide the blind

‘Envision Eye' warns the user about objects that maybe four feet away
Published 20 May, 2022 01:34pm
<p>Source: wecapable.com</p>

Source: wecapable.com

Moving around in a familiar environment might be easy for the visually challenged but mobility in a foreign space might be limited because of potential hazards they can encounter despite the use of a cane.

Student Mohammad Hamza Khan identified this problem and created a device called ‘Envision Eye,’ which will help the visually impaired move around with more independence.

“It is a small portable device which can be taken anywhere. It automatically detects objects through an AI system and warns the person wearing the device via earphones,” said Khan.

Envision Eye has three main components, a camera, an AI system and an earpiece. The device can detect objects from four feet away, which is enough distance to avoid accidents. Khan plans to upgrade the design with a navigation system to make it more useful for people.

“Right now the prototype has a five-megapixel camera, the better the camera we put in the better and wider the view will be,” he explained.

Khan came up with the idea after seeing a blind person navigate their way around a mosque in Ramazan with the assistance of a boy.

“That’s when I realised that we need a solution that can help people who can’t see gain independence and make their own way in the world,” he said.

The innovative device is in its initial phases. Khan hopes to make it fully functional with other people’s support.

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