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Makeup artist Qirat Baber offers four tips to make you look cool this summer

Less is always more when it comes to makeup, especially in the summer she said
Published 19 May, 2022 03:06pm

Is the sweltering heat making your make-up melt? Professional make-up artist Qirat Baber sat down with morning show Aaj Pakistan’s host Sidra Iqbal to discuss ways in which you can keep your look intact despite sweating.

Make ‘less is more’ your mantra

Make-up is a means of expression for many but putting on heavy make-up isn’t the right way to show that you’re more invested in an event. “You could be the bride but I’d still recommend less make-up. This sometimes comes as a shock to women and they ask me how would we then look like the bride,” said Baber. What matters the most is the inner glow and what they say is true that happy brides are the prettiest.

Tie up your hair

Blow-dries and curls will become flat because of humidity even if you apply lots of hairspray and mousse, so it’s always better to either tie up your hair in a bun or straighten it out. Straightened hair might come back to its natural form after sometime but they will not look as bad as curls becoming flat.

Say no to highlighters

Highlighting your face in this season is no less than a crime. The sun is already doing the job of a highlighter by making you sweat and giving you that dewy look so there’s no need to waste expensive products. But if you want to use a highlighter, apply some only on the high points of your cheeks, leaving your nose and forehead alone as it will accentuate the texture of the skin.

Opt for a concealer

If you’re looking for some coverage in the hot weather, opt for a concealer instead of a tinted moisturizer, as it will also keep you matte throughout the day. A primer and sunblock are two other products that you must have in your bag this summer.

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