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Are Pakistani Tiktokers starting forest fires for views?

Extreme stunts turn into a trend for social media hounds
Updated 19 May, 2022 05:46pm

Jumping on train tracks, out of moving cars, shooting oneself and other extreme stunts have become the formula to get views on TikTok. These acts have even claimed lives. But now a new trend has started with young Pakistani TikTokkers setting forests on fire to attract more followers.

Back-to-back wildfire videos involving TikTokers have gone viral prompting wildlife officials to press the government to arrest the perpetrators and make laws to protect forests.

In one video two young men set trees in the Margalla Hills in Islamabad, on fire with a lighter.

Later famous Pakistani TikTokker Dolly posted a video in which she is walking slowly flaunting her dress to the new Coke Studio hit 'Pasoori,' while the Margalla hills burn in the background for the perfect "dramatic effect."

Islamabad Wildlife Management Board Chairperson Rina S Khan Satti urged the government take action against social media stars.

The forest fires are all the more alarming as Pakistan simmers in a severe heatwave.

Trees tackle climate change by absorbing carbon emissions. But forests also treat the symptoms of climate change, such as drought.

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