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Imran’s cell phones stolen, says Gill, as PM Shehbaz orders ‘foolproof’ security

Interior ministry, provincial govts instructed to ensure security after Imran said his life is in danger
Published 16 May, 2022 08:24pm
<p>PTI chief Imran Khan using a cell phone. Photo via social media.</p>

PTI chief Imran Khan using a cell phone. Photo via social media.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf leader Shahbaz Gill claimed on Monday that party chief Imran Khan’s two cell phones were stolen from the Sialkot airport on Saturday.

In his tweet, Gill said that Imran wasn’t provided any security in Sialkot while his phones were stolen.

“The phones were stolen from the airport after Imran left for the rally venue,” said Gill. The tweet did not clarify why the cell phones were left behind in the first place.

In his tweet, Gill suggested that the phones were stolen for the video message in which Imran says he has named those involved in the ‘foreign-funded conspiracy’ to oust him from power and engineer regime change.

“The video statement that Khan has recorded is not to be found with these phones,” the tweet states.

The revelation comes on the same day Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif directed Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah to provide security to the PTI chief.

The PM has also asked provincial governments to provide security to Imran during his public gatherings, during a detailed briefing by the Ministry of Interior about Imran’s security, reported Radio Pakistan.

These orders come following the PTI chairman’s speech in which he expressed concerns about a possible threat to his life.

During a recent rally, Imran said he had recorded a video message to be released in case he is killed, asking his supporters to “get justice for me and our country in case something happens to me”.

“I’ve recorded a video because I know Pakistan’s history. It tells us our justice system can’t apprehend powerful criminals, so I leave it to the people. If something happens to me, then the nation will have to get me justice,” Imran said at a huge public rally in Faisalabad.

“If something happens to me then those I name in the video, you have to stand up to them and ensure they are taken to court so that the first time the powerful will face the law.”

At Imran’s Bani Gala home, 94 security personnel of police and FC have already been deployed. 36 personnel of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa police and six personnel of Gilgit-Baltistan police have also been deployed by their governments.

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