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Missing Nimra Kazmi found married in Dera Ghazi Khan

The police claim that she is with a boy who lives there
Updated 25 Apr, 2022 06:43pm
Nimra Kazmi.
Nimra Kazmi.

A 16-year-old girl, Nimra Kazmi, who had gone missing from Karachi’s Saudabad, has been traced in Dera Ghazi Khan, Aaj News reported on Monday.

According to the police, she issued a statement saying that she went to DG Khan of her own free will. She married a teenager who lives there but the police are verifying the veracity of their nikkahnama papers.

The police said that the boy had visited Karachi two months ago to meet her and had also transferred money to her over a mobile phone application.

Nimra went missing from her home in Saudabad's S-1 of Malir on April 20. Her mother said she went out at 9am.

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Nimra Kazmi

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