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Lockdownchronicles: Lessons on spirituality by Abida Parveen

Abida Parveen is the undisputed queen of Sufi music in Pakistan and it's a true testament to her talent that no...
Updated 23 Jun, 2020 02:00pm

Abida Parveen is the undisputed queen of Sufi music in Pakistan and it's a true testament to her talent that no mention of South Asian Sufi music is complete without her. With her humble posture, Ajrak on her shoulders, and her visibly supreme demeanor Abida Jee has ruled our hearts and of many others around the globe.

A person of her stature, a Sufi, how do they deal with worldy problems like lockdown during a global pandemic? Do they get frustrated like the rest of us? Or their blessed heart helps them keep calm and maintain that inner peace that's deeply embedded in their personality?

Abida Jee made an appearance on 'Rewind with Samina Peerzada' and gladly we found answers to some of these questions. The interview was done via video link and Sufi queen can be seen sitting on the floor.

"How is she dealing with lockdown?" Samina asks her.

"We are all facing the same situation and this helplessness of human beings against [a virus] can only be eased by Almighty. This is such a blessed month [of Ramdan]. We should all pray in our own way from Him to ease our difficulties," Abida Jee replies.

When asked about one Qalam that's her absolutely favorite and that makes her feel like she is in conversation with Allah, she said:

"There isn't one. When you're singing any Qalam and that makes you connect with Him, then that's it. All the Qalam that's been written by Sufiya, was written in a condition they felt like conversing with God."

"How do we find Allah?" The host asks her.

"Allah is with us, all the time. He is within the love that we human beings share. He is within the love that you and I share. If we remove all these false identities of color, creed, and caste, we will find God amongst ourselves. We will find God within our hearts," Parveen says and adds, "If we can be above these false identities, we will reach the very heights of humanity and we will be blessed beyond our wildest imaginations. If only we can change the way we think and the way we perceive others, wonders will start to happen."

And how do we change the way we think? The way we act?

Abida Jee has a simple solution for that:

"Start respecting your mother, for Allah has heightened her status. Start respecting other human beings, for we all have rights over each other. Only when you'd learn to respect humanity would you find Allah and his love in your heart."

On the lockdown and isolation, Abida Jee had the most beautiful response:
"You're never alone. If there is one person at home, God is present there. If they are two people at home, Allah's still present there. He never leaves you alone, you have to understand that and absorb that. When you realize you're never alone and He is always with you, you'd never feel alone. And if you feel alone, speak to Him, talk to Him, Pray to Him and you'll find peace."

Abida jee's lessons on spirituality are truly sobering in these difficult times and we all can learn from them.

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