Aaj News

About Aaj News and Business Recorder Group

Aaj News (formerly Aaj TV) is a 24-hour national Urdu television channel providing news coverage from across Pakistan. It was launched on March 23, 2005. We strive to provide unbiased news reporting and current affairs analysis.

The Business Recorder Group

The Business Recorder Group is one of the most prominent media conglomerates in Pakistan which, in the 40 years of its history, has attained tremendous success and enjoys a leadership position in every one of its ventures.

Business Recorder

The Business Recorder is a credible and one of the most respected financial and business newspapers in the country.

Apex Printry

Apex Printry is, apart from the Government of Pakistan, the only other organization that has the capability and authority to print secure financial and legal papers in Pakistan. It counts the biggest names of the corporate sector as its clients.

To get in touch with our team:

Kamal Siddiqi Director News, Aaj News [email protected]

Mahim Maher Editor, Digital Aaj News [email protected]

Bilal Memon Editor, Digital Business Recorder [email protected]